Friday, September 09, 2005


Over a month!?!?!

Holy cow it's been almost 2 months since I posted. My apologies to Geraden. After all he was my inspiration. Actually looking for a new blog home as well. Need more fluff. Anywho......As far as my Ebay obsession. I've gotten another 50+ minimum from Ebay. All Wolford's and mostly tights. Going to get chilly quick in Denver. I even bought some of there Polar tights and a couple of their cotton and velvet tights. If you ever go to Ebay look for this woman's "store" 1719, she is amazingly fast on shipping.

Added a Legg's coupon and a couple of new forums that have been interesting. A couple of woman have participated and have asked interesting (non sexual) questions why...

I keep searching for more so if you have links that are not porn please share.

Getting more and more ready for winter here in Denver. Had to switch to a more heavier denier when riding in the morning. mid 40's now at 5 AM. Leaves are starting to change in the burbs so it's beautiful. We plan on driving up to some Aspen fields this weekend to check out some of the colors in the mountains. Should be spectacular as always.

A couple of the ski resorts are reporting some snow but certainly not enough to go yet. You have to hike up quite a distance to just get any "skiiable" snow. I did hike 2 14,000 foot peaks the other weekend. Yes I did have on tights under as it was only 20+ degrees at the top with 50+ mph winds. They certainly saved the cold on the legs. Amazing views from the top.

Have to get back to work but I will try to stay on this more often if nothing more than site updates and coupons. See you in the forums. My comments are usually am listed as pntyhoseftsh.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


New day more pantyhose?! Damn Ebay

Today - Legg's Silken Mist Espresso. What a newbie blogger, yesterday I was adding the free pantyhose drawing at Legg's and saved all my entries as draft. Brain fart. Oh well better than a wet fart I suppose.

The Legg's site says they'll post the winners pic on the web site. That would be funny if I won. Entered as a guy too. Bet I don't win for more that reason that anything else. Sent them an email once and asked if they will be adding men's hose anytime soon. They returned with they have done the market research and found that it's not a category that would be in their best interest at this time. LOL! Guess as more more woman walk away from pantyhose and more guys move towards them as many sites are showing, eventually they'll have to adapt. Darwin-ism. It's unavoidable.

Yesterday I got 12 pairs of new pantyhose from Ebay and today 4 more. I've bought over 200 pairs in the last 3 months. I think I'm done for awhile. If you sign up be very careful about using Paypal. Kinda misleading especially when they ask you for your banking information. They are very tricky with that one you have to pay attention.

Anywho - Rode 6.4 miles this morning at 5 am in Pertty Polly's nude 6 deniers. Did it in 24 minutes. Best time yet. It was 56 degrees this morning absolutely perfect. Hurts to breath when it gets below 45 however. It's coming however. Going to be in the 60's this weekend in Denver. I'll be camping in Rocky Mountain National park. Probably be 50 as a high. Can't ride in the park but they certainly don't have a policy of not wearing tights around.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Year's supply of free pantyhose

The Legg's site is offering a year's free supply of pantyhose by entereing for a drawing. Now I realize it's to increase it's mass mail marketing but hell I'm a guy wearing their pantyhose and they shoudl soon ackowledge this untapped market. Men's pantyhose.

Please sign up!!


Breathable Pantyhose

The product: No Nonsense Breathable Comfort Pantyhose, $3.99, TargetThe purpose: Marketed as the "first-ever" breathable control top pantyhose.The company says its patent-pending knitting process produces ventilated pantyhose that help keep you dry and fresh.The temperature: 101 degrees.The verdict: "Breathable pantyhose" sounds like a contradiction in terms, but these really are exceptionally comfortable. Indoors, I almost forgot I was wearing them.Outdoors, after 10 or 15 minutes of walking around downtown on a scorching afternoon, I was drenched with sweat -- but only above the waist. Everything else felt pretty darned comfortable.They cut down on sweating, dried out faster and felt about 100 percent cooler than regular pantyhose.For men and women, this is the scientific equivalent of achieving manned space flight

Monday, August 08, 2005


Weekend in Denver

What great weekend I had! Rode my mountain bike 20 miles all in hose of course. Wolford Le9 denier nude. 5 AM start at the trail head done by 10. Did a 6 mile around town on Sunday on a route I've mapped out. Certainly not technical but lots of hills. Also rode in another pair of Wolfords but Aura 5's. Still very sheer and had to stop in the local Safeway for a minute. A woman in the store asked me why I was wearing woman's "stockings". I told her they help with the ride and muscle fatigue and I find them very comfortable. She told me I should keep that to myself next time and stay inside. I asked he if she was on her way to church, she said yes and why. I told her I was curious if her god would like her being so critical of others. I thought religion was based on loving all people and acceptance. She walked off in a huff. I told her to try and have a better day.

I hate hypocrites. I'm an atheist. I do have a lot of friends who are christians but those friends I choose to be friends with is because they neither judge or push their beliefs. They question decisions and opinions but accept a viewpoint as someone being an individual. As long as you don't go thru life not purposely hurting someone what harm are you doing? I hope I run into her again and I'll smile and say hi.

On my local ride I keep riding past this one lady who walks very early. Now I've ridden past her while wearing suntan and darker hose in the morning. She has always smiled and said hi and it's always at the same point in the morning as I'm going up this hill that slows me down to 3-4 mph. Sunday I was up off the seat trying to make up some time and I mistakenly changed gears and popped off the chain. As I was putting the chain back on she walked by and said good morning. I replied of course and she made a comment about our timing every morning. She dropped her keys for some reason and as she knelt down to pick them up in front of me she said nice legs. Now I'm not a flirt and very happily married but that put me back a bit. I thanked her and said well see you next time. I'm not an aggressive person when it comes to woman. Took me 3 weeks to get up the nerve to kiss my wife while we were "dating". Oh well, probably just reading into things again.

Rcvd from Ebay 2 more pairs of VS and bunch of Legg's. Hmmm violet color. When the hell will I wear those? Now I have to get more heels. Shame

Thursday, August 04, 2005


More links added

Added 4 more links to the left today. If they don't work for some reason please let me know.

Bought 6 more pair of VS's on Ebay today. At an avg of $6 what a steal. Wearing Espresso Legg's Silken Mist. Got those on Ebay as well. 12 pairs for a $1 each. S&H was only $3. Amazing value.

Got to "Emjoi" tomorrow for the weekend. Rode my mountain bike 6 miles this morning in Pretty Polly's. They are a nice 8 denier nude and it was a cool 55 at 5 Am. Felt great. Saw a runner this morning on the street I ride in the opposite direction. She's been out there before and I know she has seen the hose in the past. She smiles now and says hi every morning. Interesting that I see her now each time. Maybe I'm imagining things. I have to remind myself to not take the crack before working out to eliminate the hallucinations. JK of course.

Looking for more links if anyone has please provide.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005



Curious - Men and woman, favorite types of pantyhose.


My life in pantyhose

Well ok here goes. Never did a blog before. Guess it's like a diary of sorts but whatever.

41 year old male. Living in Denver. I am an admitted cross dresser and avid pantyhose wearer. I'd wear them 24/7 if I could get away with it .
Ok when I say cross dresser, I'm not into the bras and panties but mostly just below the belt. Skirts, heels and pantyhose work for me.
Been real active on eBay lately bought about 100+ pairs so far. Promised myself I'd back off for a few months since I have enough to last a couple of years I think.
I wear my pantyhose everyday to work under my pants. I'll go home for lunch and change into the heels and skirt and relax.
On my second and last marriage and have 4 kids total. 2 from a previous and 2 from current marriage. Wife knows of the pantyhose, told her up front but I guess she never knew the extent of the "obsession". She has always been opposed to me wearing pantyhose however over time she has backed off some requests. Recently she asked that I only wear them to work where before she asked that I never wear them. The other day she came in the room as I was changing from work and got a little upset she saw me in them but moved on. It gets easier over time.
As time goes by I will add favorite sites I come across, updates and eventually pics (have to figure out new digital camera) but no porn.

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